Hitting Programs

RPP Baseball offers a comprehensive list of programs on a year-round process for position players. Our programming can be adjusted according to each athlete’s individual needs and timeline, but as a whole, generally follows the seasonal nature of the sport, with adjustments to programming being made in the summer, fall, winter and spring.

As our understanding of the human body and technology has improved over the years, it is now more apparent than ever that your performance at the plate, is limited by your overall physical ability more than anything else. This basically means… “how well you move” and “how powerful you are” to a large extent defines your potential as an athlete. The following is a summary of various assessments and evaluations we offer our players at RPP Baseball:

Assessments and Evaluations

    • Movement Screen
    • Strength and Power Testing
    • Motion Capture Analysis (K-Vest)
    • Swing Metrics (Blast Motion)
    • Video Analysis
    • Batted Ball Results (HitTrax)


    • Individualized Hitting Program
    • Hitting Drills and Correctives
    • Swing Design
    • Blast Metrics
    • K-Vest Analysis
    • HitTrax

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