Rules and Code of Conduct

In any sport, proper code conduct is paramount.  This applies to everyone, players, parents and coaches. Please note that Revolution reserves the right to release any player / parent or coach from the team for poor sportsmanship during practices or games or for other reasons, including but not limited to lack of cooperation, poor attitude, lack of commitment, overall effort and contribution or attendance.

Revolution Player Code of Conduct

    • Players are expected to follow the guidelines set forth below.
    • Players are committed to the Revolution Travel Program for the duration of the spring and summer season (as applicable). You are not allowed to be on another team’s roster unless you have obtained pre-approval from Revolution and your participation does not impact the team.
    • Players will refrain from unsportsmanlike gestures, talk, language, or profanity. Taunting players from the opposing team is not acceptable.
    • Players will show respect towards the umpires and their decisions. All decisions made by the umpires are to be accepted as final.
    • Players will behave appropriately. Throwing bats, helmets, gloves or any objects are not acceptable at any time.
    • Players will respect coach’s decision regarding playing positions and playing time.
    • Players will wear clean uniforms with belts on.
    • Players will wear baseball hats with the cap facing forward at all times.
    • Players will keep jerseys tucked in at all times.

Parent Code of Conduct

    • Parents will bring their young athletes to practice and games on time.
    • Parents will help guide their young athletes towards good sportsmanship in every game.
    • Parents will speak positively to all other teams, coaches, and programs.
    • Parents will accept the umpire’s decision as final.
    • Parents will accept the coaches’ decision regarding playing positions and the amount of playing time.
    • Parents will not give instruction to the young athletes during practices or games.
    • Parents will refrain from entering the dugout or other team specific areas.

Coaches Code of Conduct

    • Coaches will treat all players, parents and umpires with total respect.
    • Coaches will conduct themselves in a respectful manner when addressing opposing players, coaches and spectators.
    • Coaches will maintain control of the spectators without denying the spectators their rights to sportsmanlike conduct such as cheering, shouted comments, etc.
    • Coaches will make certain that players observe all the rules of good sportsmanship at all times avoiding bickering with umpires, unsportsmanlike “riding” of opponents, and any unnecessary rough play that is likely to cause injury.