Frequently Asked Questions

We have been getting a number of questions about the Revolution Baseball travel program. So, we thought we could address them in the form of a Q&A.

For the 2024 season, we are focusing on 13u, 14u and 15u (grad years 2027-2030). Our primary focus for this age group is 100% “player development”. We recognize a lot of travel programs throw this concept around, but player development is what we do at RPP Baseball. It’s how we view the world of youth baseball training. It’s in our DNA.  But first, let’s begin with WHY?

Why are we starting our own travel program?

The answer is relatively simple.  We believe because of our vast experience in player development at RPP Baseball, we can provide a more comprehensive offering to our players.  From training pitchers and position players inside and outside the nets, to incorporating the best that technology has to offer in all our training programs, we believe our programming is as good as it can get.  In the words of Pitching Coach Matt Williams at the University of South Carolina, RPP Baseball is the Gold Standard in player development.

Having said all that, there is no better place to start than what we do in the off-season. So, let’s start with winter workouts.

What’s included in winter workouts?

Our winter workouts will begin in early January.  They will include the following:

    • Initial movement screen and physical assessment
    • 1x / week fielding session, speed mechanics and throwing drills with long toss – Superdome (Waldwick, NJ)
    • 1x / week team hitting session – RPP Baseball
    • 2x / week strength training – RPP Baseball

Saturdays (1.5-2 hours) – Our Saturday sessions will be at the Superdome in Waldwick (New Jersey) and run from January through early to mid-March. They will consist of fielding practice, speed mechanics training, throwing drills and long toss. The indoor space (90 x 180 feet) will provide an excellent opportunity to work on position-specific drill work and team defense in preparation for the season. We will focus on proper running technique (upper and lower body movements), sprint drills, and help improve and develop overall athleticism.

Sundays (2-2.5 hours) – Sunday sessions include hitting and strength training at RPP Baseball. These sessions will begin with hitting inside the cages and end with age-appropriate strength training in the weight room. We will be also offering a 2nd strength training session (1 hour) during the week for those that would like to participate (this is included in the price).

Every position player will be equipped with their own Blast Motion bat sensor and subscription to the Blast data portal (included in team pricing).  These sensors help us analyze each athlete’s swing mechanics and disconnects to help improve performance at the plate.

In addition, our facility is equipped with HitTrax and multiple Rapsodo cameras which will be instrumental in player development. We will be utilizing these technologies to monitor ball metrics.

What does the spring and summer schedule look like?

Spring Season (13u and 14u)

Spring season will consist of tournaments and games which will be played in April and May, along with a mid-week team practice session and in-season training.

    • 1x / week team practice
    • 1x / week in-season strength training
    • 4-5 local / regional tournaments (Perfect Game, Diamond Nation, and other quality events)

Summer Season (13u, 14u and 15u)

Summer season will run from early June to early August. We plan to play several games per week.  This includes weekend tournaments or double headers and whenever possible a weekday game. For non-tournament weekends, we will arrange for independent games against quality teams.  The season will also include team practices and in-season strength training.

    • 1-2x / week team practice
    • 1x / week in-season strength training
    • 5-6 local / regional tournaments (Perfect Game, Diamond Nation, and other quality events)

For 13u, 14u, and 15u, we will NOT be traveling to Georgia, Florida, Texas, or other faraway states and events that require extended travel and expenses. Given the recent changes in college recruiting that went into effect not long ago, we believe these trips are unnecessary.

Will you be offering any other services that can be made available to the athletes?

Yes.  Through our various relations, Revolution players will receive additional training on various topics (via zoom or in-person), including:

    • Mental performance coaching
    • Nutrition guidelines
    • Recruiting topics (to build awareness)
    • Social media awareness

All of which are important elements of performance that can help athletes develop as they hope to reach the next level.

How many athletes per team?

We expect to have 12-15 athletes per team.  Generally, team schedule and team composition will determine the number of players per team.  Furthermore, given the number of injuries in youth baseball players, we would prefer to be on the safe side.

How many coaches per team?

Two coaches will be assigned to each team, a head coach, and an assistant coach.  Coaches will follow the Revolution Code of Conduct.

What if I am already participating in an RPP Baseball off-season program?

This is a great question that will come up often. Some athletes are position players, some are 2-way, while others are pitchers only. Given our extensive programs for both position players and pitchers, this will need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

We certainly wouldn’t want you to pay twice for off-season winter training and we will adjust individual pricing accordingly.

Also, please note that the winter program does NOT include catcher or pitcher-specific training sessions. Catchers and pitchers generally work on their craft independent of the team.

What about recruiting?

With the recent changes in NCAA college baseball recruiting rules, we see no need to waste time or money on recruiting efforts for 13u, 14u, and 15u. College coaches are no longer permitted to reach out to athletes prior to August before entering junior year. Our general thinking is to “focus on development” at these ages to prepare for the recruiting process in the years to come.

What is the cost?

We are currently working towards finalizing our pricing.  Although our program will offer more than most, if not all in terms of player development, our pricing will be competitive and all inclusive, except for uniforms, helmets, and equipment which will be additional individual expense.

POs (athletes that only pitch) will pay a reduced price.

Do you have a code of conduct?

Yes.  Please click here for Revolution Code of Conduct for players, parents and our coaches.

What do college coaches say about our player development program?

If you got this far, you might as well read what Matt Williams, Pitching Coach at the University of South Carolina says about our programs:

“Having recently taken over the Pitching Coach position at the University of South Carolina, I asked Nunzio and his guys to come down and work with our staff on assessing our pitchers. Having followed their work over the years, I knew that their evals and training programs are as good as they get. Along with our staff, they helped provide us with a complete roadmap for our guys, from identifying gaps in mobility, strength and power to inefficient movement patterns on the mound. RPP Baseball is the gold standard in player development.”

Interested in trying out?

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