RPP Baseball

RPP Baseball is a 12,000 sq ft high performance indoor baseball training facility located in Paramus (Bergen county) in north New Jersey.  We provide an unparalleled atmosphere that combines extensive strength training knowledge with a cutting-edge scientific approach to developing our pitchers and players.

From the weight room to our pitching and hitting programs, we utilize the latest in technology, in a holistic and data-driven approach which allows us to assess, train and re-assess players on an ongoing basis. Our athletes are walking testimonials as to the power of our highly customized programming.

The following is a summary of the various technologies we utilize in our player development programs:

    • Qualisys Motion Capture System
    • Rapsodo Camera System (3)
    • HitTrax
    • Blast Motion
    • K-vest Motion
    • Vmaxpro VBT
    • Pulse Sensors
    • Proteus Motion

Facility Tour

If you’ve never been to RPP Baseball, below is a tour of our facility.  Alternatively, please feel free to check us out on our website.